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Post 3rd July - 2

Post 3rd July - 1


Hair . *ARGRACE* SUZUNA – Blondes

Dress – :: D-Style – Anna Dress Plain HUD ::

Shoes – N-core Gacha KNOTTED SnakeSkin for High Feet RARE


Body – TMP Deluxe Body 

Ears – MANDALA Stretched EARS-OMIMI 

Jacket – Deadwool The Dandy

 Trousers – Deadwool pinstripe – black 

Shirt – Deadwool Hugo shirt – grey 

Necklace – Meva MotorChain Necklace 

Cigarrete – NikotiN ILLUMINATI 



Gabion Bench for The Neighbourhood

The Gabion Bench is a simple wooden seat supported by stone gabions at either end.

Seats one or two avatars independently, or one couple.

This Saturday 4th July, you can get it reduced to 150L for The Neighbourhood event.

Click here to visit the store.
Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours.

Rounds will be on every Saturday at midnight and will end at 11:59PM. Management is not responsible for stores missing their turns.

striped mocha
Cheeky Pea
Dysfunctional Designs
22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Apt B

Have a great weekend,

Iris <3  

Iris Maskelyne


In the Depths of Mania – The Die Form Suit and a Pair of Shoes

saddle shoes four
Die Form is German for Form or Shape. I’m sure Florian, or any of my other friends well-versed in German could confirm this, or at least correct this if I’m completely wrong.  Die Form is also a post-industrial dark electronic band that formed out of France sometime in the late 70s, and continues today.  If you really want to dive deeper into some sort of meaning here, it’s also a play on words, a splitting of the word, “Deform”.  It’s kind of like how DEVO is short for De-Evolution, only somehow more austere and Goth.

When making a Goth outfit for Second Life, one must come up with a clever name, based on something out of the Goth subculture.  Most of the time, creators pick out words in a song lyric, or just use the title of a song that strikes their fancy.  In the case of this outfit, it seemed rather fitting (heh) to use the name of an entire band.  I’m sure they won’t mind, particularly as it’s an actual German phrase anyway.

saddle shoes three

“Inspiration is a cat.  It never comes when you call it, but when it does finally wander in you’d better pay attention, or it’ll claw your leg pretty hard.”

While casting around for inspiration, a thought hit me:  Why not update something that got made in the past and make it better?  Yeah, except I’m kind of done with those older designs.  Let them fester on the Marketplace for folks who are still interested in buying system clothing with prim attachments.  There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you.  The texturing on those outfits is still pretty darn good.  But honestly, I’ve been on a mesh kick for a while now, and nearly the whole Second Life store (you know, the one inworld) has been nearly completely converted to mesh things.  Then I thought, “Well, Vintage things work really well for the whole Goth look.”  That’s when the epiphany hit:  MIX THE STYLES!  Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with mixing historic and Vintage and whatever else, as long as the ensemble works, right?  Real Life fashion designers do this all the time, to varying effects and degrees.

So Die Form was born.  This is a heavily brocaded Pseudo Edwardian Jacket with a bit of a modern Versace flare.  The coat has medium lapels, and a single silver button closes it in the front.  The velvet coat layers over a silken black narrow collared shirt, and a darkly jewel-toned satin neck tie.  The ensemble ties together with a pair of pleated herringbone pants.

Die Form, like all rigged mesh at Avatar Bizarre, has a free demo available.  Available in several colors, it’s materials enabled for your viewing pleasure, and includes five standard sizes.  My avatar (the one shown, naturally) is a medium.  The cost for this fashion feast is 375L per color.

saddle shoes two

No suit would be complete without a nice pair of shoes.  Although shoes do not come with the actual suit, Avatar Bizarre has just released this nifty pair of Saddle Shoes (unisex) with a color HUD.  The HUD includes eight colors:  Black, Silver, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Teal, and Purple. The shoes themselves were built for SLink flat feet, but there’s also a pair of shoes to fit the system avatar feet.  An alpha is included for the system feet, and these shoes have been materials enhanced.  They are also modify and copy, and unrigged so you can easily resize them as needed.  The cost for the shoes is 175L.

saddle shoes

Die Form, and Saddle Shoes available inworld and on the Marketplace now.

Style card:
Shape – Mine
Eyes – Avatar Bizarre Lorelei with Color HUD
Skin – Nivaro Crow Cream
SLink male hands relaxed
SLink male feet flat
Hair – Exile Vindicated Naturals with color HUD (mesh)
Suit – AB Die Form Purple
Shoes – AB Saddle Shoes with Color HUD (shown in purple and in black)

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She`s a mystery to me

2nd annual Mystery Gacha Fair is open and only runs until, July, 5th. If you haven`t been there yet: hurry up:
Lorien Outfit - Black  RARE by Bite & Claw
Musix Box Pink Tattoo by White Widow for Event@1st
Raine hair by Wasabi Pills for Uber
Isla Skin by  League
The Huntress poses by HopScotch
Ancient Tide nailpolish by La Boheme FREE from July 1st to 3rd

Shayariel Teardrop


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