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We are getting ready…

Christmas Deluxe Sofa

This beautiful Christmas Deluxe Sofa in golden frame is decorated with lovely poinsettia flowers and pines!
It contains 50 sitting animation including eat and drink animation in 2 sitting spots.
Copy only with resizer
21 land impact!

Santa Claus Folding Screen

This exquisite high quality detailed mesh low land impact Santa Claus folding screen will be absolutely adorable detail in your Christmas decorated home!
This package including 3 version of folding screens. flat,asymmetric and rounded!
Land impact is 8
Copy only with resizer

Swan Gifts Delivery

This amazing high quality Swan Gifts Delivery set is absolutely MUST HAVE Christmas item!
Everything you can see on ad is included and linked together!
Land impact is 17

Christmas Table

This amazing Christmas Table is lovely decorated with Christmas gifts and greetings cards!
Everything is linked together!
Land impact is 4
Copy only with resizer

All items are available from now on in Boudoir and Marketplace!!

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