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Ice’d Cold!

Ice'd Cold!


Manny Hair / Unorthodox *NEWW*

Diamond Bento Grill FatPack / Fli *NEWW*

Essential Sleeveless Hoodie “Signature, Fatpack” / Represent 

KStar. pendant. G /  BJEWLA *NEWW*

Vanguard (18k) / Vex @MOM *NEWW*

Fairmont Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Jezus P. box/Iced ring (IF) Male R -bento / Bjewla

BE Triple Stones ring (RF) Male R -bento / Bjewla

BIG Benz-ring w/stones (PF) Male R -bento / Bjewla

Cuban link/Iced ring (MF) Male R -bento / Bjewla

Summer 17 ‘Ice Cream Van’ RARE / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] @Epiphany 



Lord Naseem


I’m Helpless

Shes taken the best of meLookbook

Purdie Hair Noir / Unorthodox @HairFair

Aviate Necklace 30inch /w Pendant 18k / [Vex] *Neww*

Triple Stones ring / Bjewla “Worn But not Clearly visible in the picture” 

Zante Shoulder Shirt / BUC

Thanatos Tattoo / Dappa

Washed Combat Joggers “Signature, Fatpack” / Represent @TMD

Balenciaga Boxers / Fli *Neww*

Gold “Classic” Glasses / HX:

Rope Bracelet 18k / [Vex] *Neww*

HIS Ring Gold Jake Left / Fli *Neww*

Juice Watch / Benjaminz 

%83 / anxiety 


Lord Naseem


Views From The Way

Views From The Way


Navy Duffle Bag / Represent 

Spike Plush Toy (group gift) / Bad Unicorn 

Bonez Hairbase / Unorthodox “Sponsored”

Gold Lurid Cuban Link Chain “Short” : HX @ManCave “Sponsored”

 Humility Necklace / Benjaminz & Vexiin “Sponsored”

FlipFlop Diamond / VexiinxShoeminati

Essential Sleeveless Hoodie Fatpack / Represent @ManCave “Sponsored”

Essential Monk Tank “Signature, Fatpack” / Represent @ManCave “Sponsored”

Smite Tattoo / Dappa @Mancave “Sponsored”

Cotton Pants / ::GB:: @ManCave

Opulence Watch (18k) / Vex “Sponsored”

F-3 Runner W/B / Fli @MOM “Sponsored”




Lord Naseem





White “Yamato” Visor / HX: @TMD ”   “Sponsored”

Habib Beard / Unorthodox “Sponsored”

Bonez Hairbase OMEGA / Unorthodox  “Sponsored”

Red Openshirt / Benjaminz “Sponsored”

 Worn Knee Jeans “Slink, Black” / 2BYTE x REP “Sponsored” 

Humility Necklace / Benjaminz x Vexiin“Sponsored”

White Grid IPhone 7+ / Fli.  “Sponsored”

Triple Stones ring bento / Bjewla “Sponsored”

 Big Benz-ring w/stones Bento / Bjewla “Sponsored”

Cuban link/Iced ring bento / Bjewla “Sponsored”

Smite Tattoo / Dappa @Mancave “Sponsored”

Barbers Backdrop / BadUnicorn @Limit8“Sponsored”


Lord Naseem


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