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Going Crazy …


L’Etre Skin Shop – Troy Skin – New

Volkstone Yan Facial Hair @ Man Cave Event September 2017

DAPPA – Da Vinci Tattoo. @ Man Cave Event September 2017

Unorthodox CLEAN Hairbase

Unorthodox Mami Hair

.::GB::Black leather Bomber RARE @Pocket Gacha!

.::GB:: Hoodie / White @Pocket Gacha!

.::GB::fingers less knit gloves / Black @Pocket Gacha!

.::GB:: Strap pants / White @Pocket Gacha!

::GB:: Loose work boots / Black @Pocket Gacha!

WRONG & The Owl. Static Male Poses #3 @ Hipster Men’s Event September 2017


CONVAIR Woodchopper Set @ Man Cave Event September 2017


Pedrinho Naire


Every Little Thing…


Stealthic – Psycho Hair 

Bolson / Tattoo – Charlie

MadPea MGMR – Hearing Protectors – Yellow @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

MadPea MGMR – Safety Glasses @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

<Kalback> Cargo Shorts @ TMD Sep 2017

::GB::Off shoulder Shirt @ Kinky Event 

[Shoeminati] x13 Shoes – New


MadPea MGMR – Step Ladder @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

MadPea MGMR – Oil Can @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

MadPea MGMR – Hammer @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

MadPea MGMR – Pliers @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

..::THOR::.. Wood Toolbox

..::THOR::..  Wrench Series

..::THOR::..  Wood Planer

..::THOR::..  Model Kit Box

..::THOR::..  Vintage Aircraft Project2

..::THOR::..  Vintage Aircraft Project1

..::THOR::..  12 – Lying Stray Dog

Pedrinho Naire


Reem is so messy..


STRAY DOG – ASPEN SKIN @ Man Cave Event Aug 2017

Unorthodox  Zaddy Hair – New

::GB::Chain lock Tux @ Shiny Shabby Aug 2017

//Ascend// Triple Monk Shoes


Nutmeg. Kate’s Vintage Collection @ Shiny Shabby Aug 2017

Nutmeg.  Hardy Iron Table

Nutmeg.  Hardy Iron Lamp Olive

Nutmeg.  Sacred Pear set RARE

Nutmeg.  Vintage Rotary Dial Black RARE

[ zerkalo ] Memories – Books2

Apple Fall Books

Apple Fall Books & Map

Apple Fall Masculine Bar

Pedrinho Naire


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