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Cuddle up time

cuddle up to mePM

Fancy Decor: Grandfather Clock – New Fameshed

.:revival:. cozy table II – New Nov Deco(c)rate

:CP: Winter Cuddle Sofa – New Nov Deco(c)rate

Second Spaces – Modern Farmhouse – metal console Epiphany Oct

[DDD] Cozy Stag Console

Trompe Loeil – Amelie Cottage + Patio – New C88

Apple Fall Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

–ANHELO-M36RV-176GA :: deer head

Second Spaces – Echoes of Autumn – candles

*LODE* Decor – Mediterranean Pepper [yellow]

*AF* Harvest Hanging Corn

{what next} Hot Apple Cider Mug Decor

.Shi : Cacao Truffles Platter

Apple Fall Period Coffee Table

Apple Fall Period Coffee Table

oyasumi / vase /w plant

AF Willow Plates

*AF* Capturado Scrollwork

K*Mr & Mrs Pilgrim MP



Samantha Hellmann


autumn cozy


Fancy Decor: Hasting Bench (stained) – New Uber

Fancy Decor: Rain Boots

Fancy Decor: Open Book

[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot – Milk Can Table – New K9

[ kunst ] – Leather mason jar / open – red

Violetility – Autumn Lantern

8f8 – No Place of Ours – Autumnal

.random.Matter. – Harvest Book Stack

JIAN Broken Spider Pot

:CP: Huisje Pinecone Lighted Wreath

Apple Fall Pumpkin – Black & Silver

Apple Fall Pumpkin – Fairytale II

[NO CONCEPT] Halloween pumpkin Lamp



Samantha Hellmann


Dinner Out.


Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining New C88

Second Spaces – breath of autumn vignette NEW C88

floorplan. cauldron firepit NEW C88

[ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth – Bottle Candle NEW THE EPIPHANY

[ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth – Lantern Candle NEW THE EPIPHANY

C L A Vv. Nostalgic Autumn – Patio Cover RARE NEW THE EPIPHANY

hive // witch shoes NEW THE EPIPHANY

dust bunny . harvest . haybale NEW C88

dust bunny . harvest . jug of sunflowers NEW C88

{-Maru Kado-} Skull Plant Pot_RARE-A (1Li )NEW THE EPIPHANY

{-Maru Kado-} Skull Plant Pot_A07 (1Li)NEW THE EPIPHANY

Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Stump Seat A

*pm* Green Witch Bundle

Stormwood: Roman Paving Stone Floor C

PILOT – Plastic Jack-O-Lantern

Apple Fall Pumpkin – Fairytale II

Apple Fall Straw Broom


Halloween Garden

.:revival:. park bench harvest moon NEW Deco(c)rate OCT

Trompe Loeil – Piper Hideaway House

[ContraptioN] Decor: The Fallen King

Sari-Sari – Stacked Logs

[MF] scarecrow

R(S)W Pumpkin Candy Bowl

Intrigue Co. – Bright Pumpkin

+Half-Deer+ Black Baby Bird – Medium Group


[Brixley] halloween doormat – my candy

ionic : Caramel Apples

[Con.] FLF Frightday Skeleton – dark

Violetility – Autumn Lantern [w/ Projectors]

PILOT – Pumpkin Mice [Striped]

C L A Vv. Nostalgic Autumn – Chair with Books

MI Harvest Moon Leaf Basket

MI Harvest Moon Leaf Rug

MI Harvest Moon Fall Banner

dust bunny & tenshi . hanging leaves

Apple Fall Pumpkin – Fairytale II

Apple Fall Juniper Topiary

{what next} Lisbeth Fall Leaves Decor



< a href=”″>EPIPHANY

Samantha Hellmann


DIY Halloween.


Soy. Share House [Ohitori]- NEW

* Mister Pumpkins * Blue Decoration NEW TLC

ARIA – Bavmorda Wingback Armchair (PG) NEW Salem

The Vordun: Breviary ca. 1300 NEW

ARIA – Bavmorda Baby Doll Candle Holder NEW Salem

MudHoney Gold Ray Bowl NEW Salem

MudHoney Pumpkin Owl NEW

Fancy Decor: Creepy Canisters Salem

O.M.E.N – Halloween Bee Pups – Brown

–ANHELO-G02_17-178GA :: table Past Arcade

–ANHELO-G02_19-178GA :: clock Past Arcade

:CP: Amber Bouquet NEW

O.M.E.N – I Heart Roo NEW For Max

[LJ] Mascot Plush – Severus the Snake (rez) NEW Salem

Apple Fall China Cabinet

:CP: Country Home Pouffe NEW

.random.Matter. – Art Studio – Glue Gun [Blue]

R(S)W Crayon Group – 5

..::THOR::.. Vintage Crayons Box

Kuro & [Con.] – [DIY HALLOWEEN] Toilet monster 2

<:*BoOgErS*:> Paper Plate Spider

<:*BoOgErS*:> Mrs Paper Frank

Kuro & [Con.] – [DIY HALLOWEEN] Trick or Treat bag



Samantha Hellmann


Decorating and other stuff. 2017-09-08 20:54:44


03 Fancy Decor: Dover Desk – New Arcade

02 Fancy Decor: Dover Desk Chair RARE- New Arcade

01 Fancy Decor: Designer Computer RARE- New Arcade

08 Fancy Decor: Dover Lamp- New Arcade

11 Fancy Decor: Art Group- New Arcade

14 Fancy Decor: Books and Trinkets- New Arcade

09 Fancy Decor: Whale Tail Book Stack- New Arcade

13 Fancy Decor: Cube Sculpture- New Arcade

04 Fancy Decor: Dover Shelf with Cabinet- New Arcade

05 Fancy Decor: Dover Shelf- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe -Cocktail Sofa -RARE- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Signor Vase- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Decorative Pillows- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Books- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Chandelier- New Arcade

MudHoney Jolene Chair – White – New Deco(c)rate for September

BIGBULLY Bryce Side Table- New TLC

BIGBULLY Bryce Photography Book- New TLC

Mount Washington Skybox by Galland Homes NEW


Next week I will be going to Texas to help my family I will be gone for 2 weeks in that time I will not have access to a computer.



Samantha Hellmann


we all need a little down time.


Soy. Leather Lobby Bench – NEW REWIND 70’S PUNK

Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry (w.texchange) REWIND 70’S PUNK

Soy + Toro. water bamboo

[ kunst ] – Rain boots / yellow – NEW TLC

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Cat] NEW POCKET GACHA

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] NEW POCKET GACHA

Ariskea[RainyDays] Frame Decor NEW POCKET GACHA

ionic : Outdoor Chair (Red & Stripes)) NEW C4

.random.Matter. – Mukbang – Camera – RARE K9

Pewpew! Receipt & Coins NEW K9

.random.Matter. – Mukbang – Chopsticks [Noodles] NEW K9

:::ChicChica::: BeerTime # 10 NEW C4

:HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / {3} NEW K9

Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Black PG

:HAIKEI: Black roof brick house gacha {2}

:HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {4}

:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {2}

:CP: Fall is in the Air Table

{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus

Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Blue

junk. shed rug.

dust bunny . darling string light tapestry

Apt B // Summer Travel Books

oyasumi / chinese take out

TA Concept Wallet

[ZQ] Retro TV with Movies

(iTuTu) Raindrops Deco lamp (S)

:HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha / RARE

Kalopsia – Bibi’s Plant – Purple



Samantha Hellmann




Soy. Bed [Your Bed Is Always Messy] – NEW TMD

Soy. My Laptop (no code type) -NEW TMD

Fancy Decor: Wire Side Table – NEW

.:revival:. rattan table – NEW FAMESHED

[ zerkalo ] Shabby Easel – Decor- NEW TCF

brocante. wire necklace mannequin- NEW

MudHoney Roman Shade Up- NEW

..::THOR::.. 12 – Lying Stray Dog-

22769 – Snake Plant – COMMON- EPIPHANY

Belle Epoque { Countryside Living } #2 Blue

Nutmeg. Hardy Iron Lamp Blue

:CP: Sorrel Mirror

Apple Fall Bea Reading Chair (Hydrangea)

Apple Fall Canvas Tote

Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {7}

Apt B // Retro Blues – Rug

ARIA- Dido Vase With Lillies

R(S)W Paramahansa Yogamanna


Second Spaces – Retha’s Suspended Shelves – dark NEW

Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – silver/double bend NEW

.:revival:. zen cushion white- NEW

.:revival:. zen cushion black – NEW

.:revival:. spoon jar- NEW

.:revival:. large jar- NEW

Pewpew! Zen Comfy Chair – White Pillows NEW

:CP: Plum Blossom Table – NEW

:CP: Plum Blossom Cushion- NEW

{-Maru Kado-} Daiza-S (tatami/1Li)- NEW

{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (white/2Li)-NEW

[ zerkalo ] Entwined Chandelier- NEW

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {6}

brocante. ladder shelf- NEW

Second Spaces – Retha’s Suspended Shelves – dark NEW UBER

Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – silver/double bend NEW UBER

.:revival:. zen cushion white- NEW – DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. zen cushion black – NEW-DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. spoon jar- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. large jar- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

Pewpew! Zen Comfy Chair – White Pillows NEW-DECO(C)RATE

:CP: Plum Blossom Table – NEW DECO(C)RATE

:CP: Plum Blossom Cushion- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

{-Maru Kado-} Daiza-S (tatami/1Li)- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (white/2Li)-NEW-DECO(C)RATE

[ zerkalo ] Entwined Chandelier- NEW

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {6}

brocante. ladder shelf- NEW



Samantha Hellmann


…is a very very fine house…


Savannah by Galland Homes – New @ Main Store and MP



.:revival:. woodrock chair light – New @ Fameshed

.:revival:. rattan pillow basket New @ Fameshed

Nutmeg. Hardy Iron Table

4. Nutmeg. Sacred Pear set RARE

Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#1 – White Rust

Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#2 – White Rust

Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket

Apple Fall Stone Artichoke (Lichen)

junk. money plant.

Belle Epoque { Winter Dreams } Sideboard

Galland Homes


Samantha Hellmann


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