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Like water, I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship.


tram F1120 hair / HUD-C
BUENO -Seattle Boots
ALTAIR* gym shorts + top .violet. maitreya gacha
Essences [Pixie Snowflake]
[theSkinnery] Sona eyes - 10
{Imeka} Nails Polish - Pack 02 - Maitreya Gift
Toro. Idris Glasses Clear {Silver}
pr!tty - {Love Cat Headband}
SPELL : Nebula Nosering {Silver}
2:00 PM. Jelly watch
Amala - The Atara Stacking Rings
dubu.- Crystal Necklace Gacha - Lilac
M.I.X.*Girls backpack -white RARE
[La Baguette] DonutCat Gacha ~ Lilac
{ VINCUE } Daysee+Choker - Snow

an lar [poses] The Rella Series @ Enchantment



The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88


The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88 Feb.2017

Hargrave Dining Set
February’s round of Collabor88 is just around the corner, with a “Storytime” theme characterized by bold, warm colours in extraordinary designs. For this month The Loft and Aria have designed the Hargrave Dining set, a beautiful set with hints of art nouveau style and contemporary accents.

The Hargrave table, and buffet, made of beautifully detailed wood, with dining chairs in a contemporary vintage style invites you in. The chandelier, and candle sticks, with their uncommon shapes add a unique accent, while the mirror and lamp give a subtle nod to the art nouveau style of the early 1900’s. The wall art, book stack, and vase with hydrangeas compliment the set perfectly.

The Hargrave table is available in a dark, rich cherry wood finish as well as a traditional oak wood, the dining chairs come with floral, solid, and leather texture options, while the wall art comes with 8 choices to create a custom look. The vase, candle sticks, chandelier, mirror and orbs each come with a selection of metallics, and the table lamp comes with 6 colour options.

The chair comes packed with poses for dining, desk and general sitting poses, some which include auto attach and rezzing props. The Chandelier, table lamp, and candlesticks can be turned on and off as well.

This set totals 28 land impact as displayed, and each piece is copy and modifiable.
Purchasing the entire set gives you texture changeable pieces with all available options (only select single items are texture changeable.)

You can find this set at Collabor88 opening on the 8th of February,

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The Loft


The Loft & Aria @ Uber


The Loft & Aria - Uber Jan.2017

With 2017 in fill swing, Uber is ready for their first round of the new year, and for this round The Loft and Aria have collaborated on the Rue Living Room, modern contemporary vibes with clean straight lines, and a small touch of vintage.

The Rue Living Room is a modern show stopper, featuring a leather sofa with crisp edges, accented with bold patterned throw pillows, Vintage 1960’s inspired chairs are the perfect compliment, adding a warm wood colour and unique shape to the set. A large round coffee table, metallic accent table, and sleek modern console finish off the base pieces of this room.

Decor for the Rue Living room includes an industrial style pendant lamp, unique styled floor lamp, world map wall sculpture, framed art and wooden clock. As well as a cluster of modern vases, potted cactus, potted plant, and decorative book with apple sculpture.

The Rue sofa is available in multiple colours each with PG/Family or Adult options, and the chair has a hand full of single poses, both with auto attach and rezz props. The chair, throw pillows, wall sculpture, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, accent table, coffee table, cactus pots, vases, and book with apples all have texture change options, and both lamps turn on and off via menu.

Purchasing the entire set gives you more than enough texture changeable options to make this room truly yours.

The Rue living room totals 50 land impact as displayed, and each piece is copy and modify.

Come pick up this set at Uber opening January 24th.

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The Loft


Room to read.



Soy. Armchair made with Ethnic minority fabric -New C88

Soy. Handmade Pompom Basket – M with Handle -New C88

Soy. Handmade Pompom Basket – Cap Stacked -New C88

:CP: Story Time Cuddle Sofa Vibrant -New C88

floorplan. framed glass / teal -New C88

floorplan. shot through the books -New C88

floorplan. stop sign (wall) – New Rewind

floorplan. giant instaphoto (hanging)

Second Spaces – Story Time – personal library – colors -New C88

[Merak] – Deco Console Table- New TLC

.:revival:. wooden trunk light oak- New FaMESHed

Story Time Chair [Purple +me]-New C88

Kalopsia – Poppy’s Chair-New C88

DRD – Boho Princess – Beaded Light – C-New C88

(NO) Sleepy Cat Pot – Painted Blue

30 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Out of Tea

dust bunny . wood beaded curtain

:HAIKEI: Save room for my love_gacha RARE

Samantha Hellmann


I’m always in the shadow of your heart.


tram F1201 hair / HUD-B
fame femme : Tina Sweater - White
BUENO Una Jeans (no pockets) - Gray Blue [fitted] @ UBER
::C'est la vie !:: Lea socks / Group gift
[BREATHE]-Umma Heels
[Black Bantam] Dorbert The Doggy
an lar [poses] The Duchess Series

[ba] gansevoort house + [ba] snow kit
{what next} Penryn Arbour Seat (no deck) @ C88
[CIRCA] "Starlight" Candle Lantern w/ Ground Hook - Silver

{what next} Amelie Tall Chest of Drawers
Amala - Antique Jug of Flowers - White
{what next} Amelie Blanket Box
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - books laced
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - tea cup
Concept Kizi Red Carpet @ C88
Concept Kizi Fireplace - PG @ C88
Concept Kizi Red Pots @ C88
[Merak] Deco Console Table @ TLC
[Merak] Plate with accessories + wearable keys @ TLC
{what next} Small Crown Lantern (cream)
Raindale ~ Sheer Curtain ~ Gift
Concept Kizi Lamp Short @ C88
Concept Kizi White Bench - PG @ C88

[Merak] Recycled Desk
Serenity Style Nostalgia Book
DYNASTY Shanghai Escape - Calligraphy Set EXCLUSIVE
Serenity Style Vintage Games Wallart RARE
7 -Seven Emporium Atomic Commision Sign
[Merak] Cozy Sofa
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - pile of pillows
DYNASTY Silver Safety Vaults (Group)
7 -Seven Emporium Portable TV
7 -Seven Emporium Peepshow Neon
7 -Seven Emporium Space Heater PH-2298A-02



Penryn Arbour Seat: Collabor88


Hi everyone! New for this months Collabor88: The Penryn Arbour Seat. It’s scripted with singles and couples animations, seating 1-2 avatars and has texture options for the pillows, many are seasonal related which make it ideal for use all year round and also has an optional snowy roof!   – seats 1-2 avatars: singles & couples...

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There is a war inside my core.


tram F1215 hair / HUD-C (unisex) @ The Crossroads
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier Soraya Type1 *Pink Sheer* @ The Gacha Garden
[Merak] - Wicker laundry basket - (add with pose) @ The Crossroads

Serenity Style Endless love pavilion RARE
[Merak] - Armoire (Green interior) @ The Crossroads
Serenity Style Endless love cushions chair
::KKs:: Knick Knacks lace curtain - flying 7
Serenity Style Endless love blind A
7 -Seven Emporium Wooden Saw Horse 2
Serenity Style Autumn Country Window pots
Serenity Style A love touch cabinet @ TLC
Amala - Antique Jug of Flowers - Pink
Serenity Style A love touch room divider @ TLC
[CIRCA] "Starlight" Candle Lantern - Chain S2 - Silver
::KKs:: Knick Knacks une journee a la ferme - rug
Serenity Style A love touch chair @ TLC
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Bianco - fireplace RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Serenity Style A love touch flowers jars @ TLC
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Bianco - pots @ The Gacha Garden
7 -Seven Emporium Ind Trains Sign
Serenity Style Vintage Games And Another Frame @ The Crossroads
[Merak] Crate/Bonus Decor w/o Logo
[Merak] - Coffe Corner
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Bianco - broken candelabre @ The Gacha Garden
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Bianco - grandma clock (uncommon) @ The Gacha Garden
Concept 01. Chapeau Chair White. Adult - RARE
[Merak] - Notepad Desk clutter @ Lost and Found
[Merak] - Platform 9 3/4 cup / Rezzable



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