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Hello Fall Decor for Fifty Linden Friday


Hello everyone! We’ve new Autumnal porch decor out for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday: The Hello Fall decor, is available as two sets: Mini Tree and Welcome Mat and Wreath (standalone wreath and framed version too) Details: mini tree (lit & unlit both included): 2li welcome mat: (without and with leaves): 1 or 2Li –...

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Memories are like treasures…


WARNING: raw pictures. no landmarks. proceed at your own risk.


Equinox attic skyloft – Vespertine


Blue kitchen cabinets – Kuro

Blue kitchen island – Kuro

Lighted shelves – Kuro

Antique pot rack – Trompe Loeil

Succulents boarded – Artisan Fantasy

Little haven portable tv – What Next

Little haven flowers – What Next

Color block rugs – Kuro

Rustic stool – Kuro

Antique crate decor – Trompe Loeil

Patisserie kitchen set – What Next (@C88)

Fling stool – Kunst

Lighted birch bush – Pixel Mode


Corner sofa – Soy

Ikat dhurrie rug – Zaara

Tire table – Soy

Oil can with flowers – Keke

Barbed wire chandelier – Junk


Industrial bed – Nomad

Mesh divider – Kuro

Rug – Kuro & Consignment

Nature love branches – bbqq

Terminal wall clock – Nomad

Packaging crate – Merak

Metal basket – Junk

Wall frame – Kuro & Consignment

Cat – Le Poppycock (@TLC)

Slippers – Kuro & Consignment

Luana Dawg


Decorating and other stuff. 2017-09-08 20:54:44



03 Fancy Decor: Dover Desk – New Arcade

02 Fancy Decor: Dover Desk Chair RARE- New Arcade

01 Fancy Decor: Designer Computer RARE- New Arcade

08 Fancy Decor: Dover Lamp- New Arcade

11 Fancy Decor: Art Group- New Arcade

14 Fancy Decor: Books and Trinkets- New Arcade

09 Fancy Decor: Whale Tail Book Stack- New Arcade

13 Fancy Decor: Cube Sculpture- New Arcade

04 Fancy Decor: Dover Shelf with Cabinet- New Arcade

05 Fancy Decor: Dover Shelf- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe -Cocktail Sofa -RARE- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Signor Vase- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Decorative Pillows- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Books- New Arcade

ARIA – Casual Luxe – Chandelier- New Arcade

MudHoney Jolene Chair – White – New Deco(c)rate for September

BIGBULLY Bryce Side Table- New TLC

BIGBULLY Bryce Photography Book- New TLC

Mount Washington Skybox by Galland Homes NEW


Next week I will be going to Texas to help my family I will be gone for 2 weeks in that time I will not have access to a computer.



Samantha Hellmann


Reader’s Hearth for FLF


Reader's Hearth for 50L Friday:

Bookcase made from repuporsed fireplace, in 4 surround texture options.

Click here to visit the store. 
Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!
Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.


Iris <3

Iris Maskelyne


The Challenge is over


Dear friends,

due to increasing commitments in RL, we have decided to close The Challenge. It has been a fun ride and a great experience for more than four years! But like all great adventures, this one sadly has come to an end.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of The Challenge, be it as a merchant, blogger or customer!


So long and thanks for all the fish,

Paco Pooley
Manuel Ormidale
Corvus Szpiegel

Corvus Szpiegel


Last bits of silence….


WARNING: raw pictures. sculpted content. no landmarks.

proceed at your own risk.


Prefab | AptB



Hanging plant | Bauwerk
Willow plant | Sway’s
Tall planter | Kuro
Steel cube with plant | Bauwerk
Shoe planters | Breno


Ikat dhurrie rug | Zaara
Wavie desk | Kuro
Wavie belted chair | Kuro
Giant teller lamp | Apple Fall
Laptop prop | DIGS
Astronomer’s Newton’s cradle | DIGS
Shaw’s painting cabinet | Kuro & Consignment


Chelsea sofa | MudHoney
Mantis lamp | N4RS
Zoe chair | MudHoney
Chelsea rug | MudHoney
White wrapped stool | Kuro & Consignment
Lydia amsonia flowers | Aria
Astronomer’s study journal | DIGS
Baskets | Bazar
City walkouts linocut prints | DIGS


Bed Chicago | B.C.C.
Old stool | Kalopsia
Succulents | Bazar
Classic wardrobe | Brixley
Hat box | Apple Fall
Telescope box |7 Emporium
Oxilamp | Kuro
Vintage bruxelle rug | N4RS
Travel vanity | Second Spaces
Morrison packing create screen | Junk


Eat light bulb | Black Bantam
Skull plant pot | Consignment
Industrial Kitchen set | Bauwerk
Iversen place set | DIGS
Upcycled bike seat | Black Bantam
Pears in a wooden dish | Black Bantam

Luana Dawg


we all need a little down time.



Soy. Leather Lobby Bench – NEW REWIND 70’S PUNK

Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry (w.texchange) REWIND 70’S PUNK

Soy + Toro. water bamboo

[ kunst ] – Rain boots / yellow – NEW TLC

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Cat] NEW POCKET GACHA

Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] NEW POCKET GACHA

Ariskea[RainyDays] Frame Decor NEW POCKET GACHA

ionic : Outdoor Chair (Red & Stripes)) NEW C4

.random.Matter. – Mukbang – Camera – RARE K9

Pewpew! Receipt & Coins NEW K9

.random.Matter. – Mukbang – Chopsticks [Noodles] NEW K9

:::ChicChica::: BeerTime # 10 NEW C4

:HAIKEI: Belong To You / GACHA / {3} NEW K9

Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Black PG

:HAIKEI: Black roof brick house gacha {2}

:HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {4}

:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {2}

:CP: Fall is in the Air Table

{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus

Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Blue

junk. shed rug.

dust bunny . darling string light tapestry

Apt B // Summer Travel Books

oyasumi / chinese take out

TA Concept Wallet

[ZQ] Retro TV with Movies

(iTuTu) Raindrops Deco lamp (S)

:HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha / RARE

Kalopsia – Bibi’s Plant – Purple



Samantha Hellmann


Laying low…


WARNING: raw pictures. sculpted content. no landmarks.

proceed at your own risk.


Microapartment [rebuilt] | Kuro



Cooper’s leather sofa | Consignment
The cave tub chair | Consignment
Billiard rug | Consignment
Vintage theater spotlight | Consignment
Memory collector | Junk
Hannah sideboard | Kunst
Lydia decorative book pile | Aria
Books with skull holder | Bauwerk
Half man(nequin) | Junk
Geosculpture | Fancy decor
DNA model | Consignment
Rope heart | Consignment
Guitar display | Consignment
Hanging candelabra | Consignment



Fridge | Bauwerk
Pendles | Keke
Candy kitchen (tainted) | Kuro
Extra virgin olive oil set | M*M
Cast iron skillet | Little boxes
Esko enamelware coffee pot | Post
Castara shelf with utensils | The Loft
Milk carton | M*M
Free range 6 eggs | M*M
Fresh baked bread | Post
Stock pots | Little boxes
Cookbooks | The Loft
Mortar & pestal | Zaara
Honey set | M*M
Sugar and coffee canisters | The Loft
Pickled veggies | The Loft
Cloves, bayleaves, star anises | Zaara
Plates | Zigana
Stacked plates | Art dummy
Plates on rack | LISP
Plate with onions and carrots | Bauwerk
Navarre cutting board | Post
Bar stools | Kuro



Old coat | Apple Fall
Signs | 7 Emporium
Medical skeleton | Consignment & Floorplan
Junk cupboard | Consignment
Towel on hook | Consignment & Floorplan
Antique mirror | Consignment & Floorplan
Marble basin sink | Consignment & Floorplan
DeWitt shaving kit | Post
Morrison cushion pile | Junk
Gaia bed | Aria
Wall mounted front ends | Consignment
Bedroom lamp | Bazaar
Philby radio | 7 Emporium
6 stack of books | 7 Emporium
Fern specimen | Apple Fall

Luana Dawg





Soy. Bed [Your Bed Is Always Messy] – NEW TMD

Soy. My Laptop (no code type) -NEW TMD

Fancy Decor: Wire Side Table – NEW

.:revival:. rattan table – NEW FAMESHED

[ zerkalo ] Shabby Easel – Decor- NEW TCF

brocante. wire necklace mannequin- NEW

MudHoney Roman Shade Up- NEW

..::THOR::.. 12 – Lying Stray Dog-

22769 – Snake Plant – COMMON- EPIPHANY

Belle Epoque { Countryside Living } #2 Blue

Nutmeg. Hardy Iron Lamp Blue

:CP: Sorrel Mirror

Apple Fall Bea Reading Chair (Hydrangea)

Apple Fall Canvas Tote

Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {7}

Apt B // Retro Blues – Rug

ARIA- Dido Vase With Lillies

R(S)W Paramahansa Yogamanna


Second Spaces – Retha’s Suspended Shelves – dark NEW

Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – silver/double bend NEW

.:revival:. zen cushion white- NEW

.:revival:. zen cushion black – NEW

.:revival:. spoon jar- NEW

.:revival:. large jar- NEW

Pewpew! Zen Comfy Chair – White Pillows NEW

:CP: Plum Blossom Table – NEW

:CP: Plum Blossom Cushion- NEW

{-Maru Kado-} Daiza-S (tatami/1Li)- NEW

{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (white/2Li)-NEW

[ zerkalo ] Entwined Chandelier- NEW

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {6}

brocante. ladder shelf- NEW

Second Spaces – Retha’s Suspended Shelves – dark NEW UBER

Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – silver/double bend NEW UBER

.:revival:. zen cushion white- NEW – DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. zen cushion black – NEW-DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. spoon jar- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

.:revival:. large jar- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

Pewpew! Zen Comfy Chair – White Pillows NEW-DECO(C)RATE

:CP: Plum Blossom Table – NEW DECO(C)RATE

:CP: Plum Blossom Cushion- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

{-Maru Kado-} Daiza-S (tatami/1Li)- NEW-DECO(C)RATE

{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (white/2Li)-NEW-DECO(C)RATE

[ zerkalo ] Entwined Chandelier- NEW

:HAIKEI: Change Your Mind _ Gacha / {6}

brocante. ladder shelf- NEW



Samantha Hellmann


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