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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Mesh Head:

.LeLutka.Head.Cate 2.7

Head/Skin Applier:

*League* Amaia – Lelutka Applier Medium


*League* Ultra Satin Lipsticks Fit2 – Midtones (Lelutka)


*YS&YS* Tresor Eyes for Lelutka Bento @ The Chapter Four


Vanity Hair:Sunday Mess-Greedy @ Tres Chic


Ricielli – Ellen Top (Maitreya Lara) @ Cosmopolitan




#EVANI – Jemma skirt  [Black-silver] Maitreya L. @ N.21


[Gos] Janet Platform Sandals – Collection – [maitreya]


Garbaggio // Shoulder Bag – Zebra


(Kunglers) Pietra necklace – Crystal @ Shiny Shabby


LaGyo_Chloe Button Earrings – Silver @ Collabor88


*AvaWay* KITTY_Rings Set @ Tres Chic
*AvaWay* RIANNA_Rings @ Cosmopolitan


.::Nanika::. Valeria tattoo Black @ Shiny Shabby


alme. Minimal: Silver @ Shiny Shabby


MONS / 3D – Stair Photoshoot Decor (style3)

{what next} House Plants



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Second Life Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of niche products which you can subscribe to each month (or whenever they are released) often at a discounted rate. You guys may have noticed that I am a bit of a subscription box addict in Second Life. I have to admit that I am also a subscription box […]

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OPALE  Hair (NEW)   At Tres Chic 
CATWA   Head  (NEW)
DEETALEZ      App Skin Darlene    (NEW)

SHANGHAI   Necklace and earrings    (NEW)   At Tres Chic 
HATERS   Outfit      (NEW)   At Tres Chic 
MOWIE   Bag    (NEW)   At Tres Chic 
MW  Hells   (NEW)   At Tres Chic 
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Babih Loon


Mirrors are our reality of what our past has created… [Flickr]

Duchess Flux posted a photo:

Mirrors are our reality of what our past has created...

The past is a locked realm,
A secret burden the mind cages,
Trapped behind tears of regret,
Our mind holds the key;
It sleeps silently until awaken.
Do we face the truth?
Or fall into the endless pit of denial?

Our essence is stuck in a field of mirrors,
Reflecting our inner fears, our inner desires,
Paralyzed by the thoughts of;
What once was.
Who we once were.

The earth turns full circle;
Another year holds more memories,
Imprinted deep within our being.
Hard to step forward.
Scared to fall further.

The key is forced to turn,
A sense of vulnerability grips our core;
Guilt, Regret, Fear, Heart break,
The past is an eternal realm.
An inevitable burden.
The mirrors are our reality;
Of what our past has created.
jodi right

GOWN: Dreamy Gown by Enfant Terrible ~ NEW ~ Available at the MainStore
HAIR: Endless by pr!tty ~ Available at Enchantment {May 13 to May 31}
HEAD ACCESSORY: Philadelphus Honey Crown {white,} and Tall {white} by LODE ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {May 20 to June 15}
SKIN: Kika {Catwa/Asia/03/Rare} by Glam Affair
HEAD: Kimberly by CATWA
MIRROR: .aisling. Mirror
POSE: Corzaon 10 by PosESioN

JIAN Love Pugs 2. Sleepy Treater RARE
Forgotten Attic - Chairs {Floral & Tapestry,} Doors, and Wedding Dress by DRD ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {May 20 to June 15}
GizzA - Vintage Wedding Set {Dresser, Candles, Backdrop, Lilac Basket, Music}
{anc} Looking-glass. {oval mirror}

Duchess Flux


More then words to say……..

Hair: .SHI – Batach Hair at Shiny Shabby May – June 2017

Nose Piercing: GABRIEL – Cross Nose chain Black from Cross Chain Gacha at Whimsical May – June 2017

Necklace: GABRIEL – Cross Necklace Black Silver at Whimsical May – June 2017

Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – 1. RARE (Cross Chain, Includes 3 colours) from Bento Lip Piercing Gacha for Catwa Daniel Head, at Shiny Shabby May – June 2017

Tattoo: .IDENTITY. BODY SHOP – Hopeless Change at Signature Event May 2017

Hikaru Enimo


Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT6  その6

CHIKAE チカ魔女 (Chikae ella)
tempura島オフィサー マンダラjewelryスタッフ

Ten years ago, Kikunosuke and I started playing SL to gather information about it for our work.  In Japan, SL was getting very popular at that time.  A lot of people and companies rushed to buy SIMs to start a business and tried to drive people to go there.  Kikunosuke and I were enjoying SL like children.  A year later, we created Tempura for us to have fun.
Without any ads, people got to know about Tempura by word of mouth. 6 months after we opened Tempura, we had often experienced "full SIM." 
Kikunosuke and I were thinking that there was no SIM to cleanse our body and soul, and there were a lot of people who needed love and healing.
This concept was right.  Now, Tempura became a social place where almost all people in SL know.
As many people's souls gathered, we realized that a God existed here in Tempura.
Tempura God made us open this place for free, brought some people to protect Tempura, and destroyed someone who caused harm to Tempura.
Now, we can spend a great time with people from all over the world without any worry.

As you know, Kikunosuke has a shop, MANDALA Jewelry, in SL and the Marketplace.  He has managed SIM's tier from Mandala sale proceeds.
I really hope you who love Tempura to wear MANDALA Jewelry to help us in maintaining the SIM.  What he's done on his items is amazing.  You won't be able to find any other jewelry like his in the world.
Nobody can be the same for 9 years in RL.  However, Tempura will be maintained by Kikunosuke and the family's efforts and voluntary dedication. The only reason why Tempura will last into the future is Tempura family's Love is always there.
To Polly, Chi, Mauro, Karasu, Hera, Aris and others who are currently taking a rest from SL due to RL who I trust in, I send all of you a big hug from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you very much for all your support.

Do your best and let God take care of the rest.
We will be healed again tomorrow, here in Tempura.





私の信頼するpolly, chi,mauro,karasu,hera,arisその他rlの都合で休んでいる何人かの家族。


photo by : Polly Reina

Polly Reina,
Tempura officer & MANDALA Manager

Finally has arrived this longed day, 9 years Tempura growing day by day as a child, beloved and strong. I am grateful for her existence all these years.
From the first time I came to you, I could not believe in such beauty that my eyes looked, it's people, it's pure light, so much to learn about. I saw you grow and I have grown with you.
During all these years you and I have become strong together. I have had the opportunity to meet beautiful souls, my family, beautiful friends.
To me it has never been a responsibility to take care of Tempura, it has been happiness, an opportunity to improve as a person, to see you grow, to watch others grow.
Every day I feel happiness is what sustains to keep fighting for the right reasons, for respect and love for each other.
Every year when this time is coming I spend days and days thinking what to say, but when it's the day I just feel heart full of tenderness, gratitude and pride for being part of you.
Modesty, innocence, purines, love, warm and tender feelings is what you are Tempura.
You make each of us to identify with you, to become a part of you.

I wish to thank to Kiku for hold Tempura for so long time, for the amazing MANDALA, for all that comes from his heart. He use to say; "I wish people to be happy " and I wish all that happiness to back to you Kiku. To Chikae for being my great support and great friend all this years.
Also thanks to all my good friends for doing well to Tempura and for those who come to dream. Thanks for all the guests who send us amazing greetings and images to celebrate Tempura with us. God bless you all and be always well.

" Tempura this year we are going to dress up like queens, next year we will be goddesses :)) "





photo by : Dankosinue

Author: Chikae ella



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